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Awaken your yoni sensitivity so you can feel more pleasure during sex! 

Grab your Pleasure Spots Secrets™ bundle now! 


This is what you’ll get: 

  • Increase your vagina sensitivity with the Sexual Healing Protocol™
  • Discover your inner 5 Pleasure Spots - yesss!
  • Create your Pleasure Map - your unique go-to places for more pleasure
  • ​Discover a simple 15 min technique to heal vagina numbess
  • ​Learn my proven technique to heal vagina discomfort
  • ​Follow my Step-by-step tutorial for tantric self-pleasuring 

Why is this unique?

I’ve designed Pleasure Spot Secrets™ specifically for women who have a busy schedule and need short and effective 15-30 minute practices to enhance their sensual pleasure. This bundle is a beautiful blend of my most favorite sacred practices combining ancient tantric traditions infused with modern science…

I’m sure you would agree that society has fed us a bunch of shame, mixed messages and secretiveness about our sexuality since we were kids. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that most women would end up feeling unsatisfied about their sexual life, right?!

It’s not because you’re sexually broken and somehow doomed to a mediocre sex life.

The truth is we’ve all been exposed to unhealthy and negative sexual messages that have influenced the way we relate to our own pleasure and the way we experience our sex life.

Luckily amazing sex is a trainable skill that can be mastered 🙂

So let’s transform this collective story of our sexual history together. Allow me to guide you step-by-step, to reclaim your sexual power and discover your own beautiful inner pleasurable landscape.

Grab your copy of my Pleasure Spot Secrets™ bundle today…

Now only $47 USD (instead of $80)

This bundle is for you if:

  • You’d love to discover your personal pleasure spots anatomy
  • Sex feels “ok”, but you want “HELL YES sex!”
  • You experience a dull vagina and wish you could have more sensitivity
  • Penetrative sex doesn’t feel as pleasurable as you would love it to be
  • You’re relying on clitoral orgasms and you’re ready to unlock internal orgasms
  • You’re a busy woman and need quick and effective techniques to awaken more pleasure
Enough postponing it down the list for another day, your sexuality is waiting to be discovered and unleashed to its full potential. 

It’s time to say yes to this central and powerful part of who you are. 

The Pleasure Spot Secrets™ bundle will help you go from “meh” sex to “oh my God yes!”

Video 1: The 5 Internal Pleasure Spots

In this training you’ll discover your 5 hidden pleasure spots and finally REALLY understand your body! 

Video 2: Pleasure Mapping 

In this class you’ll learn how to create your own unique Pleasure Map and feel more confident in your sexuality. 

Video 3: The Sexual Healing Protocol™

I’ll show you my simple process to heal vaginal numbness and discomfort so that you can awaken more pleasure and have internal orgasms. And lots of them 🙂

Video 4: Tantric Self Pleasuring

In this masterclass you will discover how to make shameless love with yourself and activate mind-blowing pleasure. 

BONUS: Guidebook

You’ll receive a comprehensive guidebook. Easy to digest, easy to access, plenty of visuals, with clear step-by-step guidance. 

BONUS: Tantric Self-pleasuring MP3

Guided tantric self-pleasuring will help you staying connected to your body, heart and move your sexual pleasure through your body.

And yes! It really works!
I get it… working on your sexuality can be challenging at times.

And to be honest with you some sadness, anger or other emotions might come up alongside with bliss and ecstatic sex.

However, it’s so worth it 🙂

If you love growth and are ready for change, dive in now and claim your Pleasure Spot Secrets™ bundle today!
Now only $47 USD (instead of $80)